Why Design/Build

Why Design/Build

As a Design/Build contractor, we are often asked what are the advantages of the Design/Build system.  Based on our 34 years of experience in the field, here are some of the reasons why Design/Build has proven so effective for our clients:

One-Stop Shopping. Design/Build saves you the time and headaches of dealing separately with an architect, engineer, contractor and subcontractors. Instead, Design/Build gives you the convenience and comfort of dealing with a single, fully dedicated source for everything related to your project.

Clear Accountability. With one entity fully responsible for how your project is designed, constructed, and completed, careful attention is given to pricing, fees, allowances, and scheduling early in the process. This reduces the chance for costly change orders, and ensures that your project will be delivered on time and on budget.

Clear Communication. Design/Build simplifies the lines of communication and reduces the chance for misunderstandings. From the very beginning, Perez DBR partners with you, making sure that budgets are clearly defined and that you fully understand the process. Throughout design and construction, we maintain the lines of communication fully open, continually keeping you updated on the status of your project and providing the guidance needed for the best possible outcome.

Greater Efficiency. By being involved from start to finish, Perez Design/Build is able to manage your project with greater efficiency, enhanced cooperation, and less potential conflict, resulting in a better project and a better investment of your time and money.

Greater Synergy. Perez DBR combines the expertise of a contractor and a design professional, providing a much greater value for our clients compared to situations where contractors and designers work independently, without the benefit of constant, clear communication.

Greater Responsiveness. The Design/Build process invites clients to be part of the team. If a deviation from the plan is required on the field, the Design/Build process makes it easier for the team to weigh alternatives and find effective, cost-effective solutions. Fewer Delays. With Design/Build, bidding periods and redesign time are eliminated, and the overall time to design and build your project is substantially reduced. As a Design/Build Contractor, Perez, DBR will procure critical materials and schedule subcontractors and labor early in the process. This helps to avoid unnecessary delays and keeps your project on the scheduled timeline.

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