Vinyl Siding

Over the years there has been a controversy over what type of siding you should use on your home. Whether to keep it the way it is and repaint it or cover it up with new vinyl siding.

So why should you consider Vinyl siding?  Vinyl siding has become the preferred choice of siding because of its versatility and the low cost and ease of maintenance for your home to look beautiful for years to come. Vinyl siding could also save you money vs. cedar siding and aluminum siding. But if you are switching from your old wood or aluminum siding please consider these things. Not all vinyl siding is not created equal so picking a quality product such as Certainteed is key to not only a nice look but a product that will last for a long period of time.  The second thing to be sure of is that you pick a contractor that can install the vinyl siding properly and according to the manufacturers specifications.

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