At Perez Design Build Remodel the safety of our customers, employees and our communities are our top priority. As we get back to work on our projects we will be following Statewide guidelines for COVID19 to keep everyone safe. We want to take a pro active approach to this situation and protect the health and safety of everyone involved. 

Below are a few guidelines and precautions we are taking in different areas of our business:

General Guidelines:

  1. All residential construction projects including new construction, renovation, and repair are authorized to conduct in-person operations; however, such projects may not permit more than four persons on the job site at any time inclusive of employees of both prime and subcontractors, but not inclusive of delivery persons, code inspectors, or similar persons who require temporary access to the site and are not directly engaged in the construction activity.
  2. Perez has also appointed Kolia Perez as our Pandemic Safety Administrator.  She can be contacted at 570-499-1191 or at safetyadministrator@perezdbr.com
  3. In accordance with the state guidelines Perez has also developed a written safety plan for each work location and guidances will be posted and followed by all parties that will be working on all of our projects.


  1. Frequent hand washing by employees, customers and visitors are recommended.
  2. Perez will provide running water, hand soap and hand sanitizer to promote this practice.
  3. Meeting spaces will be wiped down and cleaned after every meeting including the table top and bottom, chairs, screen, keyboard, mouse and pens
  4. We are also restricting the amount of people that will be allowed in the showroom at any given point in time to reduce the risk of contact and enforcing the social distancing guidelines of 6ft.
  5. For everyones protection masks will be used as per CDC guidelines https://www.cdc.gov/
  6. Perez will be encouraging employees who are sick to stay home.
  7. 2x’s a week the showroom will be wiped down and disinfected.


  1. Masks, shoe covers, will be worn before entering our clients home.
  2. Everyone who comes to your home will have access to hand sanitizer before and after meetings to promote impeccable hygiene .

Job Sites:

  1. For everyones protection we will wear a mask when communicating with you.
  2. CDC jobsite requirements will be followed to the best of our ability https://www.cdc.gov/

Job Site Cleaning & Sanitizing Protocols:

  1. High risk surfaces will be Disinfected every day.
  2. All door knobs, counter tops and any other frequently used areas will be sanitized at the end of eacy day.
  3. Workers on site will wash and sanitize hands using hand washing station once per hour and as needed or indicated.
  4. Hand wash station must be fully stocked with soap, water and sanitizer. This will be monitored and maintained by pandemic safety officer at each job site.

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